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Edward & Mary (Mason) Petfield


John & Mary Petfield's Family Bible showing Edward's birth 5 June 1850

Birth Certificate of Edward Petfield 5 June 1850.

Marriage Certificate of Edward Petfield and Mary Mason 1 April 1872.

Edward Petfield (born 5 June 1850) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England married Mary Mason (born 24 August 1851), also from Sheffield.  Edward and Mary married 1 April 1872 in Pye Bank Methodist Chapel, Sheffield, England.

They had 8 children:
John Mason Petfield (born 14 June 1873) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
                                  (died 21 April 1948) in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia.
                                  (married 27 December 1897) in Rockhampton, Australia.
                                  (spouse - Emma Naylor).

Albert Edward Petfield (born 13 March 1875) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
                                   (died 14 August 1951) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                   (married 23 May 1899) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                   (spouse - Kate Toomey).

William Henry Petfield (born 3 April 1877) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
                                   (died 18 August 1904) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                   (married 19 December 1900) in Petrie Tce, Brisbane.
                                   (spouse - Ellen (Nellie) Ash).

Mary Ann (Polly) Petfield (born 2 May 1879) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
                                   (died 15 November 1958) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                   (married 26 December 1900) in Paddington, Brisbane, Australia
                                   (spouse - Ebenezer Adsett).

Esther Petfield (born 15 March 1881) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
                                   (died at 16 years on 28 September 1897, buried at Toowong
                                   Cemetery) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

George Petfield (born 2 May 1883) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
                                    (died 6 June 1953) in Redcliffe, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                    (married 17 May 1911) in Kennedy Tce Methodist Church,
                                    Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland,
                                    (spouse - Frances Emily Brighouse).

Henrietta (Ettie) Petfield (born 6 June 1885) in Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
                                    (died 10 September 1937) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                    (married 7 November 1917) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                    (spouse - William Coles).

Arthur Petfield (born 7 October 1888) in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                   (died 20 June 1974) in Redcliffe, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                   (married 1 January 1912) in South Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
                                   (spouse - Florence  Jane Mott).

Edward and Mary Petfield and their 7 children left London on 5 November 1887 on the 3013 Ton Steam Ship "The Duke of Sutherland", arriving in Brisbane 3 January 1888 (under the command of Captain Cox).  There were about 700 passengers on board with one man was lost overboard on the trip to Australia.  Arthur was born in Brisbane 7 October 1888.

Edward & Mary Petfield. Photo taken 1904. 
This photo is hanging in the home of Glen Petfield. Mary is holding a photograph of her daughter Esther who died in 1898 aged 16.  William does not survive the year - he died 18 August 1904.

To identify the persons in the photo is difficult.
The 6 men across the back - Ebenezer Adsett, Arthur Petfield, Albert  (Bert) Edward Petfield, George Petfield, William Henry Petfield, John (Jack) Mason Petfield.

The women and children - Kate Petfield with children Harrold Edward Petfield and Esther Petfield, Father Edward Petfield, Mary Ann (Polly) Adsett with Cecil Adsett, Henrietta (Ettie) Petfield, Mother Mary Petfield, Ellen Petfield with children Dorothy Violet Petfield and Elsie Muriel Petfield, Emma Petfield with John Naylor Petfield.

Edward Petfield 5 June 1850 - 12 October 1918.

Mary Petfield (nee Mason) 24 August 1851 - 14 May 1936.
Glen Petfield and Debbie Hawley (with the help of many other contributors) prepared a book for release at the Petfield reunion in September 1999 in Brisbane - "The Australian Petfield Family 1888 - 1999".  It was 111 years after the first Petfield family came to Australia in 1888.  More about Edward and Mary Petfield in a moment.

Rev.Bruce Petfield came from Bridlington, England for the reunion and to meet many Petfields in Australia. His interest to connect with his Australian Petfield family was sparked by visits to England by Colin and Isabelle Petfield, Edna Petfield and her daughter Anne Moutrie.

Joy Olney and Dawn Juddery came from Melbourne - descendants of Allan & Wyn Petfield.

Dawn Juddery, Gladys & Harold Cartwright, Joy Olney - September 1999.

Dawn Juddery, Gladys Cartwright, Joan Davey, Joy Olney - September 1999.
Although early Petfield records indicate Births and Marriages around South Cave and Hull were Anglican, it is a fact that many of the Sheffield Petfields were married in the Methodist Church.

Edward and Mary Petfield were married on 1 April 1872 at the Pye Bank Methodist Chapel in Sheffield, England. We do know that the early Petfield families in Brisbane were greatly involved in the Methodist Church and its activities.  Edward Petfield was the Treasurer of the Latrobe Terrace Methodist Church.  Many of the men played cricket in the Church team and members of the Order of Knights. Some of the girls were members of Girls Comrades and Rays. Many lifelong frienships were made resulting in matrimony.     

Latrobe Terrace Methodist Church.
Edward Petfield (1850 - 1918) was recorded on his marriage certificate as a Joiner. Ada Petfield (Edward's sister) and George Mason (Mary's father) witnessed the marriage. Edward's father John Petfield was recorded as being a Wheelwright and Mary's father George as being a Stag Seals Cutter.
In the 1881 English Census Edward is shown as aged 30, a Joiner employing three men.  He is believed to have played cricket for the Yorkshire Team.

Notices which appear in the "Times" on 16 September 1885 reported the bandruptcy of Edward Petfield, Joiner and Wheelwright of Sheffield.

Death of Edward Petfield - 12 October 1918.
From a Brisbane Newspaper clipping:
"Death claimed on Saturday last, after four years illness, the second oldest resident of that part of Paddington, which now clusters around the tram sheds.  The gentleman in question was Mr.Edward Petfield, whose fine physique and finer mental and moral characteristics were the admiration of all who knew him.  He was born in Sheffield 68 years ago and settled down with his wife and six children in Lower Terrace, Paddington some 20 years ago.  He was one of those who helped to extend the city westwards from what is known as Cooks Hill, abutting on Enoggera Terrace at the terminus of the Red Hill tramway line.  The funeral, which took place on Monday was largely attended and beautiful wreaths also testified to the esteem in which the desceased gentleman was held.  The late Mr.Petfield at one time was the Treasurer of Latrobe Terrace Primative Methodist Church.  The Rev.Dr.Stewart who conducted the funeral service spoke feelingly of the loss the community had sustained".  

Mary Petfield (nee Mason) 24 August 1851 - 14 June 1936.
It is believed that John Mason (Mary's Grandfather) lived at Rodney Farm, Whitley Wood and his father was a Farmer at Tinsley, now a suburb of Sheffield, England.  The family then moved to Bentsgreen, Sheffield.

John Mason's son George Mason was a Stag Seals Cutter working in Sheffield and lived in Bridge Street. George Mason and Anne Richardson married approximately 1850.  They had seven children -Mary Mason born 24 August 1851, William (Willy) Mason born 1857/58, Arthur Mason born 1860, Sarah Anne Mason, Lizzie Mason, George Mason and John Mason.

William (Willy) Mason died 11 January 1877 at the age of 19 and was buried at Burngreave Cemetery in Sheffield, England.

Arthur Mason was born 1860 and married Mary Hobbis (born 1859)  They had eleven children - Lucy born 1892, Ernest born 1898, Samuel Cecil born 1900, Sidney born 1902, Bertha Eveline, Mary Elizabeth, Willy, Arthur, Esther, Wilfred and Frank.

More on the Family of Edward and Mary Petfield - 

the first Petfield family to immigrate to Australia in 1888. 

John Mason Petfield, born 14 June 1873 in Sheffield, England. In 1889 John was Apprenticed as a Blacksmith at the Brisbane Shipyards. John later worked for Mt.Morgan Gold Mining Co as a Foreman Blacksmith. John married Emma Naylor (born 23 August 1873) on 27 December 1897 at Rockhampton, Queensland. They had one child - John Naylor Petfield (born 1 May 1900). In 1908 Jack was transferred to Port Kembla in New South Wales to erect the Electrolytic Refining and Smelting Co. He retired in 1939 after working for this company for 31 years. John Petfield passed away at his residence  in Woolongong, New South Wales on 21 April 1948.

Albert Edward Petfield, born 13 March 1875 in Sheffield, England.  Albert married Kate Toomey (born 1876) on 23 May 1899 in Brisbane. They had two children - Edward Harold Petfield (born 30 December 1899)  and Esther Petfield (born 19 December 1901). Albert worked in the Queensland Railways for forty six years.  Albert (Bert) died on 14 August 1951 in Brisbane.

William Henry Petfield, born 3 April 1877 in Sheffield, England. William married Ellen (Nellie) Ash (born 30 April 1876) on 19 December 1900 at Petrie Terrace Baptist Church, Brisbane.  William and Nellie had two daughters - Dorothy Violet Petfield (born 29 October 1901) and Elsie Muriel Petfield (born 20 April 1903). William was a Bootmaker and worked at the Boot factory at Paddington.  Sadly, William died on 18 August 1904 aged 27 after two years of illness with T.B., believed caused from his work at the factory. After William Petfield died Ellen married John Knowles and had another three children.

Mary Ann (Polly) Petfield, born 2 May 1879 in Sheffield, England. Polly married Ebenezer Adsett (born 1 September 1875) at Paddington on 26 December 1900. Ebenezer grew up in Paddington and commenced his working life at Finney Isles & Co in the woollen and men's mercery departments. He established his own tailoring business, E.Adsett & Co. in the Valley, where he remained until his retirement in 1931. Ebenezer was troubled with Asthma all his life, hence was small in stature. He was a Deacon and Lay Preacher at Eagle Junction Congregational Church and the Sunday School Superintendent for twenty years. He was involved with the establishment of Marsden Home for Boys.
The George and Arthur Petfield families were particularly close with the Adsett family. Ebenezer and Polly had four children - Cecil Adsett (born 27 August 1902) did not marry and died of ill health at the age of twenty seven in 1930. Charles Edward Adsett (born 3 June 1906), Norman Arthur Adsett (born 21 September 1911), Estelle Mary Adsett (born 27 July 1919). Polly passed away November 1958.

George Petfield, born 2 May 1883 in Sheffield, England. George lived with his parents and siblings in Warmington Street, Paddington, attended Milton State School and Latrobe Terrace Methodist Church.  On 17 May 1911 George married Frances Emily Brighouse (born 2 October 1884). George was a builder and built his own family home in 1919 at 115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington. He also owned and operated the Wilston Bus Company with his brother-in-law Cecil Brighouse. His brother Arthur Petfield also drove buses on the Wilston Run to the city. The two brothers, George and Arthur Petfield built a holiday house next door to each other in Bank Street, Margate. Many happy family holidays were spent at Margate. The family worshipped at Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church in Paddington. George was active with Order of Rechabites, Order of Knights and the Church cricket team as a player and umpire, while Emily sang in the choir, active in the Ladies Guild and did lots of cooking for cake stalls. George and Emily Petfield had three children - Allan Edward Petfield (born 12 July 1912), Gladys Penelope Petfield (born 29 June 1915) and Joan Mavis Petfield (born 8 September 1917). George died from a heart attack on 6 June 1953 at Margate.  Emily died 18 September 1975 from Breast Cancer.

Henrietta (Ettie) Petfield, born 6 June 1885 in Sheffield, England. Ettie was said to be a gentle sole and well loved within the family.  She was the bridesmaid at George and Arthur Petfield's weddings. Ettie worked at a children's home in Cooparoo, Brisbane. Ettie married William Coles (born 27 June 1872) on 7 November 1917 at the age of 32 years. She became the mother of Ivy Coles (Willam's 7 year old daughter)  who was partially deaf and had trouble speaking. Ettie died on 12 September 1937.  Ivy married, but no known descendents.

Arthur Petfield, born 7 October 1888, nine months after the family arrived in Australia. Arthur worked as a carpenter, building many houses in Paddington and Margate. Arthur married Florence Jane Mott (born 9 November 1887) at St.Andrews Church in South Brisbane on 1 January 1912. Arthur Petfield was an Air Raid Warden in WW2. He was a Trustee at the Latrobe Terrace Methodist Church and a keen cricketer. Arthur built their family home in Ellena Street, Paddington and lived there for many years.  Arthur and Florence raised 4 sons - Arthur Henry Petfield (born 10 September 1912), Ernest Edward Petfield (born 28 May 1916), Colin David Petfield (born 14 April 1919) and Ronald Leopold Petfield (born 7 July 1922). In retirement Arthur and Florence lived at the Margate house and spent time fishing on the Margate beach.  Flo Petfield passed away on 12 April 1968 at 80 years old.  Arthur Petfield died on 20 June 1974 aged 84 years.

 Edward & Mary Petfield's Family Bible.

Family Register




Edward and Mary Petfield in their senior years.
Death Certificate of Edward Petfield 12 October 1918.
Death Certificate of Mary Petfield 14 May 1936.
Death Notice for Edward Petfield and the Petfield Family Grave at Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane.

The Australian branch of the Petfield family are honoured to have in safe keeping Matthew & Ruth Petfield's family Bible.

It is interesting to note how that all came about.  Matthew Petfield (1773 - 1855) married Ruth Jackson (1783 - 1860) in 1803Matthew was the Grandfather of Edward Petfield who came to Australia in 1888
Matthew Petfield's brother George Petfield (1771 - 1860) married firstly Lydia Pickrin in 1796 until her death in 1809, and secondly Martha Jackson in 1810 until her death in 1865. 
Martha Jackson and Ruth Jackson were sisters
George and Martha Petfield had a son Edward Petfield (1835 - 1875).  Edward Petfield married Anne Petfield (nee Fenton), the widow of his cousin Charles Petfield (1824 - 1871) in 1873.
Louise (Petfield) Coates (1866 - 1944), the daughter of Charles and Anne Petfield and subsequently the step-daughter of Edward and Anne Petfield had safely keep the family Bible of her Grandparents Matthew & Ruth Petfield. 
Louise Coates gave the Petfield Family Bible to Bruce Le Gay Petfield, who in 2007 gave it to Glen Petfield when he visited England. Glen has made a glass display box and any Petfield's are welcome to view it.

Matthew & Ruth Petfield's family Bible.
Matthew Petfield's Bible - 1794.  Was it given to him on his 21st birthday?

Matthew & Ruth Petfield's family Bible

Matthew & Ruth Petfield's Family Bible.
Transcription from the Petfield Family Bible.
Matthew Petfield register of birth 28 July 1775.
Joseph Petfield register of birth 2 March 1773.

Matthew and Ruth Petfield married 24 November 1803.

Register of children:
Mary was born 16 April 1805.
William was born 20 August 1807.
Elizabeth was born 16 March 1809.
Ann was born 7 November 1811.
John was born 3 December 1873.
Jane was born 25 September 1815.
Maria was born 12 January 1818.
Maria departed this life 13 November 1818.
George was born 29 March 1820.
Charles was born 21 April 1824. Died September 1871.
Matthew was born 27 June 1826.
Elizabeth died 14 August 1827 18 years.
Mathew died 7 October 1853 27 years.

Matthew Petfield died 11 November 1855.
Ruth Petfield died 5 December 1860.

It is interesting to note that it is Matthew Petfield (double T) in the Family Bible, Matthew (double T) on his headstone, Mathew (single T) in his Will  and Glen spells Mathew with a single T  in his book.
Son Matthew was born with double T, and died Mathew with a single T!

I acknowledge and give credit to the work and contributions of Bruce Petfield on the U.K. Petfields,  to Glen Petfield on his work in the book "The Australian Petfield Family 1888 - 1999", and to Anne Moutrie for all her family research.

These blogs have been written by Joy Olney as another way of sharing the Petfield family history with those interested.  They do not cover all branches.  My interest primarily is with my direct line from William and Mary Petfield.

If you have anything to add or corrections that need to be made, please contact Joy Olney (nee Petfield) by email - joyolney@gmail.com

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