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Allan E. & Winsome L. (Macdougall) Petfield


Allan Edward Petfield was born 12 July 1912, to parents George and Emily Petfield. They married on 17 May 1911 at Kennedy Terrace, Paddington.
Two more children followed - Gladys Penelope Petfield was born 29 June 1915 and Joan Mavis Petfield was born on 8 September 1917. The family lived in Armstrong Terrace, Paddington until George built a house at 115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington in 1919.
Birth Certificate - Allan Edward Petfield born 12 July 1912 at Fortescue Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane.

Allan Edward Petfield born 12 July 1912

Allan attended Ithaca Creek State School. His best and life long friend was Ron Woodgate who later became Principal of Methodist Ladies College in Melbourne.

George Petfield built their family home at 115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane about 1919. The home remained in the hands of the Petfields for many years.  George died on 6 June 1953 and Emily continued to live at 115 Rockbourne Terrace until close to her death on 18 September 1975. Their grandson David Cartwright bought the home and restored it late 1970s.

Petfield's home at 115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane
115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington after David Cartwright restored the home late 1970s
Allan Petfield in 1933 as a 20 year old.
Allan Petfield was active in the Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church, sang in the Choir, involved with Christian Endevour, became a Local Preacher in 1932 and trained as a Home Missionary in the Methodist Church.  He was appointed to Clermont, Queensland on 28 February 1933, to Longreach, Queensland on 27 February 1934, to Proston, Queensland on 26 February 1935 and resigning on 4 December 1935.

Allan Petfield - an accredited Local Preacher 12 July 1932

Allan Petfield - Home Missionary at Longreach, Queensland 16 July 1934
George & Emily Petfield with Allan, Gladys and Joan.

George & Emily Petfield with Allan, Gladys and Joan.

There was a Christian Endevour Convention held in Brisbane 7-23 October 1935. 
The Petfield family billeted two girls from Melbourne - Winsome Macdougall & Merle Atkins.

George & Emily Petfield, Gladys and Joan Petfield, Winsome Macdougall and Allan Petfield 13 October 1935
Winsome Macdougall & Merle Atkins are billeted with Petfield family October 1935.

That was the start of a long distant romance. Winsome was the eldest daughter of Rev. Leslie and Beatrice Macdougall. The Macdougalls were in the Methodist Ministry, firstly in Tasmania and later in Victoria. (I suggest you visit my Macdougall blogs for more information on the Macdougall family). Winsome Lorne Macdougall was born 22 July 1913, Dorothy Glaed Macdougall was born 18 August 1918, and Margaret Elizabeth Patricia Macdougall was born 17 March 1920, all in Hobart, Tasmania. Before marriage Winsome worked as a Clerk using her typing and shorthand skills. Right throughout her life those skills were utilised.

Winsome Lorne Macdojugall - Certificate of Baptism 9 September 1913
Rev Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall with Winsome 27 February 1918.
Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall with Winsome, Dorothy and Margaret.  Taken 15 January 1923 while at Euroa, Victoria.
Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall with Winsome, Dorothy & Margaret. Taken 1928 at Ballarat.
Winsome Lorne Macdougall on the occasion of her 21st birthday 22 July 1934.

That was the start of a long distant romance.
Allan visited Winsome Macdougall in Coburg, Melbourne December 1936 - January 1937.  He left saying he would be back for his bride. Winsome visited Allan in Brisbane 6 July - 21 August 1937. Allan came south to visit Winsome in Williamstown, Melbourne 17 December 1937 and soon became involved in the Williamstown Methodist Church activities as a Local Preacher and Leader of Young Men's Institute where Rev.L.S.Macdougall was appointed.
Winsome Macdougall and Allan Petfield in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne 10 January 1937.
Allan and Winsome 24 January 1937 at Coburg.

Allan Petfield with sisters Winsome, Dorothy & Margaret 24 January 1937 at Coburg.

19 March 1938 Allan asked Leslie Macdougall permission to court his daughter Winsome with a view to matrimony.  Leslie gave his blessing.

20 March 1938 Allan takes up an appointment with "Woolworths" in Sydney. On 8 April Winsome went to Sydney for Easter but stayed for an extended time. There was much opposition from Emily Petfield about the friendship but Macdougalls encouraged Allan & Winsome to proceed. On 1 December 1938 Allan was transferred to "Woolworths" in Melbourne, with them both returning to Melbourne.

12 December 1938 Allan informed Leslie Macdougall of his desire to become officially engaged to Winsome, with Winsome displaying for inspection a dainty diamond engagement ring.

Allan Petfield and Winsome Macdougall 3 January 1938
Leslie & Beatrice Macdougall, Margaret, Allan, Winsome and Dorothy 3 January 1938 at Williamstown.

Reference for Allan Petfield by Rev L.S.Macdougall 25 February 1938.
Winsome Macdougall & Allan Petfield 25 April 1939
Macdougall family at Williamstown February 1942 - Walter & Margaret Fraser, Beatrice, Dorothy, Leslie, Winsome & Allan Petfield. Elizabeth Wells (seated) visited Macdougalls from Tasmania.

Allan Petfield and Winsome Macdougall married at Queen's College, Melbourne on 4 November 1939.  Rev.L.S.Macdougall officiated. The Reception was held at "The Wentworth".

Allan Petfield and Winsome Macdougall's wedding invitation 4 November 1939.
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Petfield 4 November 1939.
Queen's College, Melbourne.  Photo taken 2010.

The first home of Allan and Winsome was at "Beverley Mansions" 12/21-23 Hotham Street, East Melbourne from 14 October 1939 - 2 April 1940.

"Beverley Mansions" Hotham St, East Melbourne.  14 October 1939-2 April 1940.  Photo taken 2009.

The second home of Allan & Winsome Petfield was at "Chelmer Lodge" Flat 7/7 Park Lane, St.Kilda 2 April 1940 - 13 December 1940.

"Chelmer Lodge" 7 Park Lane, St.Kilda
Flat 7 upstairs at "Chelmer Lodge"
"Chelmer Lodge" Park Lane, St.Kilda 2 April 1940 - 13 December 1940.  Photo taken 2009.
George & Emily Petfield, Allan & Winsome Petfield at "Chelmer Lodge 4 November 1940.
Winsome & Allan Petfield on their 1st wedding anniversay 4 November 1940.

Allan & Winsome bought their first home at 17 Dalny Road, Murrumbeena, Melbourne shifting in on 14 December 1940. Soon bulldogs "Major" (30 April - 11 January 1942), "Nuggett" (25 January - 30 April 1942) and "Kudles" (1 May 1942 - 1946) were added to the family. Unfortunately "Major" died of a heart attack while in surgery for a dislocated shoulder. "Nugget" replaced "Major" but proved too boisterous. "Kudles" was a good companion for Winsome while Allan was at War.

Winsome with Major 30 April 1941 - 11 January 1942.
Winsome with Kudles 1 May 1942
In 1941 Allan confided in Leslie Macdougall about his long time desire to enter the Methodist ministry. Allan built a sunroom on the back of Dalny Road house in 1944. Daughters Joy and Dawn were born while Petfields lived in Murrumbeena.  The girls attended Murrumbeena State School and the family were active in the Murrumbeena Methodist Church. Winsome was involved with Comrades and Rays. Allan continued as a Local Preacher in Williamstown and locally. The family moved to Glen Waverley on 6 February 1957.

17 Dalny Road, Murrumbeena 14 December 1940 - 6 February 1957.

Interior of 17 Dalny Road, Murrumbeena - Lounge, dining & entry

Interior of 17 Dalny Road, Murrumbeena - Dining, hall & sunroom.

17 Dalny Rd, Murrumbeena -Dining, bedroom, sunroom, kitchen, bathroom, sunroom.

17 Dalny Road, Murrumbeena. Photo taken May 2002.
While living in Murrumbeena Allan continued working with "Woolworths" until he was called up and appointed in RAAF as a Chaplain with YMCA, starting on 20 April 1942. He served at Hamilton, Tocumwal, Somers Camp, Mt Gambier until the war ended September 1945. After the War Allan was employed as a Buyer with "Harris Scarfe" in Melbourne.

Allan Petfield - Chaplain with YMCA from 20 April 1942.
Winifred Joy Petfield was born 13 September 1943 at "Carbethon" East Malvern, Melbourne.

Joy Petfield was christened on 21 November 1943 by her Grandpa Rev.L.S.Macdougall at Brighton.
Winifred Joy Petfield at 8 months May 1944 (known as Joy).

Allan & Winsome Petfield with daughter Joy (20 months) taken May 1945.

4 Generations on 4 November 1946.  Grand Grandma Elizabeth Wells, Grandma Beatrice Macdougall, Mother Winsome Petfield, Joy Petfield.

Joy Petfield 4 years old in November 1947.
 Valerie Dawn Petfield was born 21 January 1947 at "Carbethon" East Malvern, Melbourne.

 Dawn Petfield was christened by her Grandpa Rev.L.S.Macdougall on 23 February 1947 at Murrumbeena.

Valerie Dawn Petfield (known as Dawn) at 10 months November 1947.

Dawn Petfield 4 years in 1951.

Allan & Winsome Petfield, Joy and Dawn travelled to Brisbane in May/June 1949 for the Christening of David Cartwright and again in March 1950 for Joan Petfield's wedding to Basil Davey on 11 March 1950. That involved travelling overnight on the "Spirit of Progress" from Melbourne to Sydney, changing trains at Albury in the wee hours. The day in Sydney was usually spent with Dorothy Macdougall before another overnight trip on the train from Sydney to Brisbane.  These holidays were great times for the cousins. Joy remembers going to school with her cousin Jan while there for a 3 weeks holiday.

Petfield family at Brisbane Railway Station May/June 1949.

Cousins - Dawn, Desley, Noel with David, Joy, Jan at David's christening 1949.

Dawn, Joy, Jan, Allan, Desley at Lone Pine, Brisbane May/June 1949.

Joy, Jan, Desley with Grandfather Petfield at Lone Pine 1949.

Allan & Winsome Petfield, Joy & Dawn, Grandfather Petfield at Mount Cooth, Brisbane 1949.

Allan Petfield built a hardware shop in Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena in 1954, known as "Beauville Home Utilities".  The shop also included a Post Office and Commonwealth Bank agency which Winsome looked after. Allan got a Manager in to look after the hardware shop from January 1956 and the business was sold May 1956. Winsome continued working in the Post Office and managed the bus service for another 6 months.

Allan became a delegate for "Well's Organisation" - a Church fundraising organisation from February 1956 - January 1958.  The work took Allan away from home for many weeks at a time. Winsome displayed marked swings of mood from cheerfulness to misery. It seemed the only way Allan could cope with these episodes of depression was to be away from home.  This was a particularly stressful time for the family.

"Beauville Home Utilities" in Murrumbeena Road, Murrumbeena 1954 - 1956.

Allan Petfield also owned and managed the bus service from Murrumbeena to Glenhuntly 1955-1956. Allan followed in his father's footsteps with an interest in building and running a bus service.

Petfields owned and managed the bus service Murrumbeena to Glenhuntly 1955-1956.

Winsome Petfield at 44 years in 1957.

Allan Petfield 45 years in 1957.
In January 1959 Allan Petfield and family travelled by train to Brisbane to visit their family.
The Petfield family packed ready for train travel to Brisbane in January 1959.
The Petfield family together in Brisbane January 1959. Nana, Glad & Harold Cartwright, Joan & Basil Davey and cousins.

17 Dalny Road, Murrumbeena was sold November 1956 and Petfields bought a family home on the corner Springvale Road and Clifford Street, Glen Waverley, shifting in on 7 February 1957.
The home was about 3 years old and well appointed. It was walking distance to Glen Waverley Railway station and the shops and still quite rural. There was a huge naturestrip to allow for the widening of Springvale Road in 1959. Opposite were paddocks, today "The Glen" shopping centre and Glen Waverley High.

Petfield's new home in 1957 - Corner Springvale Road and Clifford St, Glen Waverley.

Lounge and Dining room at 1 Clifford St, Glen Waverley 1957.

Kitchen, bedrooms, back verandah in 1957.

External views of 1 Clifford St, Glen Waverley & widening of Springvale Road in 1959.
Allan built a rumpus room 20'x27' on top of the garage January 1958.
Allan purchased his first Hillman in 1950 and owned several models over the next few years. He was proud of his Humber Snipe and later owned a smart black & yellow Chevrolet.
Joy and Dawn attended Methodist Ladies College in Kew.
Allan commenced working with "Methodist Stewardship" in February 1958 which took him to various locations in Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand (1962). Winsome went as his Secretary to most suburban Churches. That work continued for about 8 years.
In 1961 Allan had trouble with a duodenal ulcer and in 1962 had his Prostate removed. The family were active in the Glen Waverley Methodist Church, Allan and Winsome sang in the choir, Allan remained a Local Preacher until his death in 1977.

In appreciation of Allan Petfield a Local Preacher 1932 - 1976.

Joy Petfield married Peter Olney on 6 February 1964 at Methodist Ladies College Chapel. Peter was from a local family and the two families were well acquainted. After leaving MLC Joy worked in the State Savings Bank at Glen Waverley from 1959 - 1964. Peter gained his Diploma in Building Construction. They lived in New Zealand for three years after their marriage. Returning to Glen Waverley they built their family home and established their business "Building Management Consulting Pty.Ltd".  Today they have three children and nine grandchildren.

Joy Petfield married Peter Olney on 6 February 1964 at Methodist Ladies College, Kew.
Dawn Petfield was a keen animal lover. She got her first horse at 11 and "Sonny" was stabled in the backyard at Glen Waverley. Allan supported Dawn in her love for horses by taking her to pony club, gymkanas, show jumping and cross country events. Dawn achieved well and rode in the Royal Melbourne Show in 1967. Dawn assisted the local Vet after leaving MLC. Dawn married in 1969 and had 2 children. Today she has 5 grandchildren. Her love for animals has continued and she lives on a property in country Victoria.

Dawn Petfield on Sonny at an event.

Dawn and Joy Petfield 1 February 1964.

In 1966 Allan became a Real Estate Agent with N.R.Reid in Glen Waverley. With Joy and Peter Olney back in Melbourne, Allan and Peter bought 8 houses over a period of time with the view to development. The land was sold to City of Waverley in 1977 for car parking as it was alongside the railway station.

1967 Allan & Wyn Petfield took their first trip overseas with 6 weeks cruising to England, 2 free weeks in London, 1 month coach tour around Europe, 2 weeks coach tour around United Kingdom and returning to Australia by ship. Allan saw the opportunity to be a Tour Director himself, and sometimes Wyn joined him as a Tour Director.  In 1972 Keith & Marj Olney and Ron & Ruth Woodgate joined their tour. In 1973 Joy Olney went along with them. This was their first tour with air travel, flying to Hong Kong and Athens for 3 days each, 1 month coach tour around Europe, 2 weeks coach tour around U.K., flying to New York, Los Angeles & Hawaii for 3 days each. Around the world in 60 days!  In 1970 Allan took a tour to Japan. In 1976 Allan conducted a touring party to Fiji, Samoa and Tonga to celebrate 150 years since the introduction of Christianity to the Islands. They enjoyed many trips overseas over a ten year period 1967-1977.

Allan & Wyn Petfield travelled extensively 1967 - 1977. They were in their element!
Keith & Marj Olney, Ruth & Ron Woodgate, Wyn & Allan Petfield travelled together in 1972.

Wyn Petfield loved collecting dolls, teaspoons and souvenirs at each port and town she visited. The first visit she would buy a female doll, the next visit she bought a matching male, next visit a theme doll and so on. She had over 120 dolls in her collection, 200 teaspoons and lots of souvenirs. Wyn wrote a diary giving much detail and adding postcards to illustrate her trips. They were interesting reading.

Wyn Petfield's doll collection collected 1967 -1977.  Today they have been distributed amongst the family.

Wyn Petfield's doll's house - given to her grand daughter.

Winsome Macdougall was given this doll for Christmas 1922 by her Grandfather Macdougall.  She named it Joy.  Twenty years later Winsome gave birth to a daughter and named her Joy. The brooch on "Joy" was worn by Winsome on the occasion of her uncle Gladstone Wells wedding on 25 December 1919 when Winsome was a flowergirl. Today Joy Olney proudly displays "Joy" on her dressing table.

Winsome Petfield's doll named "Joy".

December 1967 Allan & Wyn Petfield bought a unit at Unit 7 "Linden Lea", High Street, Road, Glen Waverley.  Beatrice Macdougall (Wyn's mother) came to live next door at Unit 6 1972 - 1982.

Unit 6 (left) and Unit 7 (right) "Linden Lea" Hight Street Road, Glen Waverley.
20 April 1977 was a sad day for the family.  This was the day Allan Edward Petfield had a massive heart attack and passed away in Box Hill Hospital about 11.00am. Allan had had several heart attacks between 1967 and 1977, hospitalised for many weeks, but pulled through each time. He had been child sitting on the evening of 19 April 1977 and all was well. On the morning of 20 April 1977 he showered and shaved before going to the Doctor, who advised Wyn to drive him to Box Hill Hospital as he had chest pain.  Allan died with Wyn by his side. Dawn and Joy were not aware of his problems until after his death.

The Funeral service was conducted at Glen Waverley Methodist Church on Friday 22 April 1977 by a close life long friend Rev R.Woodgate, Principal of Methodist Ladies College. Allan's 2 sisters Gladys Cartwright and Joan Davey came down from Brisbane for the funeral. Allan's ashes are found at the Springvale Crematorium in the "Brind Wall" Niche CK123.

Allan E Petfield 20-4-1977 Age 64 Loving husband, devoted father. (1st plaque)
Allan E Petfield 20th April 1977 Always remembered, Wyn, Joy and Dawn. (Plaque changed 1983).

On 15 October 1983 Wyn Petfield married Cyril Charles Jarrett at "Cumberland View", the retirement Village they chose to make their home. Wyn was 70 and Cyril 83. They were both extremely happy and looking forward to a future together. Sadly Cyril passed away on 27 May 1987

Mr & Mrs Cyril Jarrett on their wedding day 15 October 1983.
Wyn Jarrett continued to live at "Cumberland View" until 1997 when she had a stroke and spent her remaining years at "Rosden Nursing Home" in Burwood. Wyn had another stroke on 21 February 1999 .  In the 12 days that followed she never opened her eyes or gave us any hand responses, except for a little pat when given her one week old great grand daughter to nurse. Wyn passed away on 6 March 1999. The funeral service was held at Springvale Crematorium on 10 March 1999, conducted by Rev Murray Marx, eulogy by Peter Olney, tributes by Adrian Olney, Neville Scott, Dawn Juddery and Joy Olney. Wyn's ashes are found in the "Brind Wall" Niche CK124 at Springvale Crematorium.

One generation departs, another is born.

Joy and Dawn say goodbye to their mother.

"In loving memory of Winsome (Wyn) Lorne Jarrett (nee Macdougall) ,6th March 1999, age 85, beloved wife of Allan E  Petfield and Cyril C Jarrett, loved Mother, Grandma and Great Grandma".

This blog has been written by Joy Olney as another way of sharing family history with descendents of "Petfields".

If you have anything to add, or corrections needed, please contact Joy Olney (nee Petfield) by email - joyolney@gmail.com