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Matthew & Ruth (Jackson) Petfield

Matthew Petfield was born at South Cave on 22 July 1775.

His parents were William Petfield and Mary Wollas who married at Brantingham near Hull on the East Coast of Yorkshire, England in 1763.

Matthew married Ruth Jackson (born 2 March 1783) at Kirk Ella, Yorkshire, England in 1803.

This family tree chart is by courtesy of Bruce Petfield in UK.  Its reproduction is not perfect, but helps to confirm the information below.

Matthew and Ruth had ten children -
Mary Petfield (born 1805 married 1830), William Petfield (1807 - 1873), Elizabeth Petfield (1809 - 1827), Ann Petfield (1811 - 1871), John Petfield (1814 - 1881), Jane Petfield (born 1815 married 1842), Maria (Martha) Petfield (1818 - 1818), George Petfield (1820 - 1869), Charles Petfield (1824 - 1871), Mathew Petfield (1826 - 1853 found drowned).

The Last Will and Testament of Matthew Petfield

 The Last Will of Matthew Petfield written 14 June 1851. Benefactors were wife Ruth Petfield, daughters Mary Thornton, Ann Jackson and Jane Oxtoby, also sons Charles and Mathew Petfield.
Matthew Petfield died 11 October 1855 and Ruth Petfield died 5 December 1860.

It is interesting to note that Matthew has been spelt with one "T" or  double "TT".  In his Will above it has just one "T" but this not an original document.  In his family Bible below he has spelt his name with double "TT" . His headstone has a double "TT".  I will use a double "TT".

In 2007 Peter and Joy Olney (nee Petfield) visited Bruce Le Gay Petfield who showed us around Brantingham, Hessle, Kirk Ella and South Cave where our Petfield ancestors came from more than 200 years ago.

Peter & Joy Olney, Bruce Petfield and Hazel Ford having lunch at Wheatsheath Pub.

Joy Olney at Matthew & Ruth Petfield's gravestone at Kirk Ella Churchyard.

Sacred to the memory of Matthew Petfield (of Anlaby)  who departed this life October 11th 1855, aged 80 years.  Also Ruth, relict of the above who departed this life December 5th 1860, aged 77 years.

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, the beloved daughter of Mathew and Ruth Petfield of Anlaby, who departed this life August 14th 1827, aged 18 years.  In the midst of life we are in death. Also Mathew, their son who departed this life October 4th 1853, aged 27 years. What though the blooming youth is fled yet stay your mournful tears.  He from a thousand pangs is freed you from a thousand fears. Also Maria who died in her infancy.

In affectionate remembrance of George Petfield who died November 8th 1869, aged 49 years.

Charles Petfield (1824 - 1871) a son of Matthew and Ruth Petfield married Anne Fenton. Their daughter Louise (1866 - 1944) passed Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible onto Bruce Le Gay Petfield, who in 2007 passed it onto Glen Petfield in Australia. Glen made a sealed glass box to store this precious piece of memorabilia.

Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible.

Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible.

Matthew Petfield's family Bible.

Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible showing the names and birth dates of their children.

Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible showing birth dates of their children. Mary born 16 April 1805, William born 20 August 1807, Elizabeth born 16 March 1809 died 14 August 1827 18 years, Ann born 7 November 1811, John born 3 December 1873, Jane born 25 September 1815, Maria born 12 January 1818 died 13 November 1818, George 29 March 1820, Charles 21 April 1824 died September 1871, Matthew born 27 June 1826 drowned 7 October 1853 27 years.
 Matthew Petfield died 11 November 1855, Ruth Petfield died 5 December 1860.

Louise Petfield married Edward Coates in 1899. Their Draper's shop was at 1 Northgate, Hessle - now a Florist.

I acknowledge and give credit to the work and contributions of Bruce Petfield on the U.K. Petfields, to Glen Petfield for his work on the book "The Australian Petfield Family 1888 - 1999" ans to Anne Moutrie for all her family research.

These blogs have been written by Joy Olney as another way of sharing the Petfield family history with those interested.  They do not cover all branches.  My interest primarily is with my direct line from William and Mary Petfield.

If you have any corrections or wish to contact the author of this blog please email Joy Olney (nee Petfield) -

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