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George & F.Emily (Brighouse) Petfield

George Petfield was born in Sheffield on 2 May 1883, the sixth child of Edward and Mary Petfield.  George lived with his family in Warmington Street, Paddington and attended the Milton State School and the Latrobe Terrace Methodist Church.

17 May 1911 George Petfield married Frances Emily Brighouse at Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church at Paddington.  Emily was born on 2 October 1884 at Nerang, Queensland to parents Edward Joseph Brighouse (26 September 1854 - 28 August 1911) and Mary Eleanor Cripwell (5 April 1854 - 1 December 1930).

George Petfield married Frances Emily Brighouse 17 May 1911. Back row: Cecil Brighouse, George & Emily Petfield, Ruby Brighouse, Harry Brighouse. Front row: Henrietta (Ettie) Petfield, Daisy Cripwell (17 year old cousin), Arthur Petfield, Grace Fordyce (friend).

Emily's siblings were Henry (Harry) Joseph Brighouse born 17 January 1878, Ernest (Ernie) Arthur Brighouse born 17 April 1880, Eleanor Ruby Brighouse born 16 May 1888 and Cecil George born 25 May 1892.

Edward Joseph Brighouse's parents were Joseph Brighouse (1814 - 1880) and Hannah Turner (died 1879) and an only child. Mary Eleanor Cripwell's parents were Henry Cripwell (1816 - 1907) and Eleanore Ellen Price (born 1817). On my family tree I have 15 generations of Cripwells dating back to Richard Crepel who married Ellyn Pymm in 1559 and they had 11 children. Richard died in 1599.

Brighouse family - Back row - Henry Brighouse, Uncle John from South Africa, Ernest Brighouse. Front row -  Emily Brighouse, father Edward Brighouse, Cecil Brighouse, Mother Eleanor Brighouse, Ruby Brighouse. 

Brighouse family - Ernest Brighouse, Emily Brighouse, Henry Brighouse, Ruby Brighouse, Uncle John. Seated Eleanor Brighouse. Kneeling Cecil. Photo taken 1909. 

Sisters - (Frances) Emily and (Eleanor) Ruby Brighouse.
Emily Brighouse - 2nd prize in her Scripture examination in 1897 at the Queensland Primative Methodist Sunday School.

George and Emily Petfield set up their first home in Armstrong Terrace, Paddington.  Whilst at this address they had three children - Allan Edward Petfield born 12 July 1912, Gladys Penelope Petfield born 29 June 1915 and Joan Mavis Petfield born 8 September 1917.

In approximately 1919 George built a large home at 115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington.  Like many in the family he was a builder.  George built many houses in the district, many in association with his younger brother Arthur.  They were recognised as good workmen and many of their homes are standing today.  Together they built the School of Arts at Woody Point and homes in the Redcliffe area.

115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington built 1919

115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington. Restored by David Cartwright late 1970s

George and Arthur Petfield built a holiday house next door to each other in Bank Street, Margate.  The Margate homes were the centre of pleasant times for many members of the family who spent holidays and weekends at Margate.

George & Emily Petfield's holiday house at Bank St, Margate.
Arthur & Florence Petfield's holiday house at Bank Street, Margate.

George Petfield was a kean cricket player and umpired matches with church cricket teams.  He also played indoor bowls and was a member of the Independent Order of Rechabites.  George also led a Junior Branch of the Society.  He was active in the Methodist Order of Knights and held high office.  He accepted responsibility in various offices at the Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church where the family worshipped each Sunday.

When building work was slow George, together with his brother-in-law Cecil Brighouse, ran the Wilston Bus Company, where he worked until the age of 50 (1933). When brother Arthur Petfield gave up building, he also drove buses on the Petfield/Brighouse Wilston run.

Arthur Petfield drove buses on Wilston run.

Emily Petfield was involved in church activities all her life.  She was an alto in the church choir, a member of the Women's Guild and did lots of cooking for cake stalls.

George and Emily Petfield had three children - Allan Edward Petfield born 12 July 1912, Gladys Penelope Petfield born 29 June 1915 and Joan Mavis Petfield born 8 September 1916.
George & Emily Petfield with Allan, Gladys & Joan.

George & Emily Petfield with Allan, Gladys & Joan 1950

Allan Edward Petfield grew up in Paddington, Brisbane and attended Ithaca Creek State School.  He worshipped at Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church at Paddington and active in Christian Endevour. Allan was a Local Preacher from 1932 - 1977 and appointed a Home Missionary in Clermont 1933, Longreach 1934 and Proston 1935.

The Petfield family billeted 2 girls from Melbourne when the Christian Endevour Convention was held in Brisbane 7 - 23 October 1935. Winsome Lorne Macdougall (born 22 July 1913) was one of those girls.

George & Emily Petfield, Gladys, Joan, Winsome Macdougall, Allan Petfield. 13 October 1935 at 115 Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington, Brisbane.
The Petfields at Margate. Allan, Winsome, Emily & George Petfield.

A long distance romance developed. Allan visited Melbourne for a month over December 1936/January 1937. Winsome visited Allan in Brisbane July/August 1937. Allan was in Melbourne again December 1937 to February 1938. He gained a position with "Woolworths" in Sydney March - December 1938. Winsome joined Allan in Sydney April - December 1938. Allan & Winsome announced their engagement when they returned to Melbourne on 12 December 1938.

Allan & Winsome married on 4 November 1939 at Queen's College in Melbourne. They bought their first home in 1940 at 17 Dalny Road, Murrmbeena, Melbourne and remained in Melbourne. Allan served in the RAAF as a Chaplain with YMCA during WW2. Allan had a Managerial role with "Woolworths"1938-1942 and with "Harris Scarfe Pty.Ltd." after the War. Allan had his own Bus and Hardware business and built a sun room & rumpus room as additions to their house, following in his father's footsteps.

Allan travelled interstate with "Wells Organisation" (a Church fundraising organisation of all denominations), then joined "Methodist Stewardship" with appointments in Victoria & Tasmania & New Zealand.

Regular family visits between Melbourne and Brisbane to catch up with the family were enjoyed.

Allan & Wyn enjoyed overseas travel in their retirement. The Petfields had 2 daughters, Joy and Dawn, 5 Grandchildren and 14 Great grandchildren.

Mr & Mrs Allan Petfield married 4 November 1939.

George & Emily Petfield visited Allan & Winsome Petfield in Melbourne 4 November 1940.
Joan Petfield visited her neices Joy and Dawn in Melbourne October 1947.

Grandfather Petfield visited Joy & Dawn in Melbourne October 1947.

Petfields & Macdougalls in Brighton 25 October 1947

Nana Petfield leaves Melbourne 10 November 1947.

Grandfather Petfield visits Melbourne 28 April 1948 - Joy & Dawn Petfield.
Emily Petfield 9 February 1952 - 69 years.

Gladys Penelope Petfield attended Ithaca Creek State School, followed by Commercial High in Brisbane. She became a Stenographer. Gladys was active in Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church in Paddington, Comrades and Christian Endevour where she found romance. On 27 May 1939 Gladys married Harold William Cartwright (born 22 January 1911) at Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church.

Gladys Petfield and Harold Cartwright married on 27 May 1939 at Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church. Bridesmaid seated left is Joan Petfield. Groomsman right is Allan Petfield.

Harold attended Brisbane Grammar and spent most of his working life with T&G Insurance Company as an Accountant. Harold was an Aircraftsman in RAAF during WW2, serving in New Guinea. George Petfield built Gladys & Harold their one and only home in 9 Hardwick Terrace, Bardon.  The couple spent 64 years of married life in that home and Glad lived there alone for another 3 years after Harold's death in April 2003.

The family were active in the Bardon Methodist Church. Gladys sang in the choir, played the piano, was very hospitable and a great cook. Glad's committment to her family went hand-in-hand with her commitment to her Lord. Glad was Generous, Loving, Available, Devoted, Young-at-heart, Selfless (GLADYS). Glad passed away 8 March 2006. Harold enjoyed playing bowls at Toowong Bowls Club and a great craftsman with timber in his retirement. They had 4 children, 10 Grandchildren and many great grandchildren.

George Petfield built 9 Hardwick Terrace, Bardon for Harold & Gladys Cartwright 1939.

Harold & Glad Cartwight with children - Noel, Janice, Desley & David.

Glad & Harold lived at 9 Hardwick Terrace, Bardon until their deaths.

Glad Cartwright at home making meringues.

Harold Cartwright

Glad & Harold Cartwright with children Desley, David, Jan, Noel.
Gail&David, Ross&Desley, Philip&Jan, Noel&Shirley, Glad & Harold Cartwright.

Harold and Glad Cartwright celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary on 27 May 1999 with family.

Harold & Glad Cartwright with Jan & Philip Walker and family.

Harold & Glad Cartwright, Desley & Ross Garnett and fmaily.
Harold & Glad Cartwright with David & Gail Cartwright and son.

Joan Petfield attended Ithaca Creek State School for her primary education, followed by Brisbane State High School. Joan was apprenticed as a Dressmaker.  During the War years Joan worked in communications at the Telegram Section in the Queen Street General Post Office. After the War she took up Dressmaking again, operating her business from home in Rockbourne Terrace, Paddington.

Joan was very active in Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church, sang in the choir and a leader of the Junior Endevour Group.

Basil Charles Davey (born 26 January 1916) and Joan Petfield married on 11 March 1950  at Kennedy Terrace Methodist Church.

Rev. Basil & Mrs Joan Davey 11 March 1950, Emily & George Petfield, flowergirls Joy and Janice.
Joan Petfield & Basil Davey married 11 March 1950.  Bridesmaids - Estelle Adsett and Joyce Miles.  Flowergirls - Joy Petfield and Janice Cartwright.
Basil was in the Methodist ministry, together he and Joan were a great team as they took up appointments in Innisfail, Townsville, Stanthorpe, Dalby, Ashgrove, Moorooka, Annerly, Lutwych and Hospital Chaplaincy.

Basil and Joan built their retirement home in Cleveland in 1982.  Basil passed away on 26 October 1989.  Joan continued to live in the home until 1998 when she moved to the Nandeebie Retirement Village. Joan passed away on 12 December 2003.  Davey's had 2 sons,  and 4 Grand children.

Basil & Joan Davey.  Joan celebrated her 70th birthday with family on 8 September 1987.
Joan and Gladys telephoned each other nearly every day, to be up-to-date with family matters!

Glad, Basil, Harold & Joan enjoyed their times together.
Glad & Harold Cartwright visit Joan at "Nandeebie" Alexandra Hills, Brisbane.

George Petfield died suddenly on 6 June 1953 at the age of 70 years while working on the Bank Street, Margate holiday house. He came in for afternoon tea and while Emily was getting his cuppa he peacefully passed away in the chair from a heartattack. 

George & Emily Petfield's Bank St,Margate holiday house.

George was cremated at Mt Thompson Memorial Gardens on 9 June 1953.
Emily lived another 22 years.

Emily Petfield on 6 April 1975 at age 90 years.

Joan Davey, Emily Petfield, Glad Cartwright 6 April 1975.

Emily died 18 September 1975 and cremated at Mt. Thompson Memorial Gardens. Emily lived in her home at 115 Rockbourne until near the end of her life.  She died at Chermside Garden Settlement, Brisbane for breast cancer.

George and Emily Petfield at Mt Thompson Memorial Gardens, Holland Park, Brisbane.

I suggest you take a look at my Blog on the Brighouse & Mott Families at -

The Petfield, Brighouse & Mott families were joined by marriages.
Lydia Mott married Harry Brighouse.
Harry's sister - (Frances) Emily Brighouse married George Petfield.
Florence Mott married Arthur Petfield.
George & Arthur Petfield were brothers.

George & Arthur Petfield were builders and built many homes in the Paddington area. They later each built a holiday house next door to each other in Bank Street, Margate. After Arthur gave up building he drove buses on the Wilston run owned by his brother George Petfield and brother-in-law Cecil Brighouse.

I acknowledge and give credit to the work of Glen Petfield in the book "The Australian Petfield Family 1888 - 1999" and to Anne Moutrie for all her family research.

This blog has been written by Joy Olney as another way of sharing family history with descendents of the Petfield family.  They do not cover all branches.  My interest primarily has been with a direct line from William and Mary Petfield.

If you have anything to add, or any corrections needed, please contact Joy Olney (nee Petfield) by email -

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