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William & Mary (Wollas) Petfield

William Petfield is said to have come from Anlaby, a small village near Hull on the East Coast of Yorkshire, England.

William Petfield married Mary Wollas at Brantingham, Yorkshire, England in 1763.

"All Saints" Brantingham Parish Church where William Petfield and Mary Wollas married in 1763.
Peter & Joy Olney outside Brantingham Parish Church in 2007.

This family tree chart is by courtesy of Bruce Petfield in UK. Its reproduction is not perfect, but does help to confirm the information below.

William & Mary (Wollas) Petfield had eight children:
John Petfield (1764 - 1764), William Petfield (born 1765), John Petfield (1767 - 1811), Mary Petfield (born 1769), George Petfield (1771 - 1860), Joseph Petfield (1773 - 1824), Matthew Petfield (1775 - 1855), Ann Petfield (1780 - 1855).  The first seven children were christened at South Cave near Hull in Yorkshire. Ann was christened at Swanlan Independent.

Most of the current families with the surname of Petfield are descended from George and Mathew Petfield. (note there is a confusion on how to spell Mathew or Matthew).

George Petfield (1771 - 1860) married Lydia Pickrin (1796 - 1809) and had six children.  He then married Martha Jackson in 1810 and they had fourteen children, a total of twenty "Petfields" added to the family, although many unfortunately died. Martha Jackson's sister Ruth Jackson married Mathew Petfield in 1803.

George and Lydia (Pickrin) Petfield's 6 children -
Mary Petfield (1798 - 1798), John Petfield (1799 - 1891, married Mary Bilton), George Petfield (born 1802, married Elizabeth 1839), Hannah Petfield (1804 - 1805), Margaret Petfield (1806 - 1807), William Petfield (1808 - 1808).

George and Martha (Jackson) Petfield's 14 children -
William Petfield (1811 - 1812), Joseph Petfield (1812 - 1812), Jackson Petfield (1815 - 1913), Joseph Petfield (1816 - 1854), Rebekah Petfield ( born 1818), William Petfield (1820 - 1892), James Petfield (1822 - 1822), James Petfield (1823 - died infant), Robert Petfield (1826 - 1894), Henry (Harry) Petfield (born 1828), Elizabeth Petfield (1830 - 1911), Mary Jane Petfield (1832 - 1835), Edward Petfield (1835 - 1875), Matthew Petfield (1836 - 1929).

Mathew Petfield (1775 - 1855) and Ruth (Jackson) Petfield's ten children -
Mary Petfield (born 1805, married 1830), William Petfield (1807 - 1873), Elizabeth Petfield (1809 - 1827), Ann Petfield (1811 - 1871), John Petfield (1814 - 1881), Jane Petfield (born 1815, married 1842), Maria (Martha) Petfield (1818 - 1818), George Petfield (1820 - 1869), Charles Petfield (1824 - 1871), Mathew Petfield (1826 - 1853 found drowned).

John Petfield (1814 - 1881) was the father of Edward Petfield (1850 - 1881), the first Australian to settle in Australia in 1888. Much of the material in this blog has been documented in the book "The Australian Petfield Family 1888 - 1999" by Glen Petfield in 1999.


Incidental trivia about the family of William and Mary Petfield, their son George Petfield and wives Lydia & Martha.

William and Mary Petfield's 8th child Ann Petfield (1780 - 1855) and William Thornham, a shoemaker, had a daughter Martha Thornham (1819 - 1889) who married William Petfield (1820 - 1892), the 6th child of George and Martha Jackson. Thus Martha Thornham married her first cousin.  William is described in the marriage record as a Joiner, son of George, Joiner.

From appendix V111 in extracts of Parish Registers of South Dalton 1838, a Mr. George Petfield, a Joiner, kept an account book and there is mention of a funeral of Mr.John Robertson.  The funeral procession was led by Mr.Hotham and the Vicar, two doctors, the undertakers Petfield and Chafer, 8 church ministers as pall bearers, two mutes with staffs, the herse and 3 morning coaches with 4 horses each.  Among the items of charge in the account was a silver breastplate at a cost of 3 pound 10 shillings.  (Probably the George Petfield who married Martha Jackson).

A George Petfield was assessed at a penny in the pound for church repairs.  His assessment was one and three-quarters.Church taxes were not always popular.  (Was this the same George?).

John Petfield (1799 - 1891), the 2nd child of George and Lydia Petfield married Mary Bilton. They made their home in Hessle, Yorkshire. John was a Master Blacksmith and they had eleven children. Son Peter Petfield (1833 - 1898) followed in his father's footsteps and became the village blacksmith. Peter never married, his sister Clara Jane (1842 - 1912) became his housekeeper.

Jackson Petfield (1815 - 1913), the 3rd child of George and Martha Petfield married Mary Goodburn in 1841  at Brockleby.  Mary died in 1848. Jackson subsequently married Phebe Stephens in 1860 however no descendants have been found to date.  Jackson was a gardener and was looked upon as a great authority on horticultural matters. His services were much sought after as a judge at horticultural exhibitions.  He retained his faculties to the last and died aged 99.
Rev.Bruce Le Gay Petfield recalls a newspaper item just after the was, when Laurence Petfield of the Buck Inn in the Yorkshire Dales was refusing to shave off his beard until the then Labour Government was replaced.  Laurence was the son of Jackson Petfield.

Robert Petfield (1826 - 1894), the 9th child of George and Martha Petfield was listed in the 1851 Census as a Gardener, age 25, living with his parents in Anlaby.  Sometime between 1851 and 1870 he married and moved to Bedford near Saint Neots in Huntingdonshire.  The epitaph on his headstone reads, "He lies near the garden that was his pride for forty years".  Robert's son George Petfield (1870 - 1950) married Mabel Dockendorf in 1898 in USA and so the Petfield family continued to multiply in USA.

Mathew Petfield (1836 - 1929), the 14th child of George and Martha Petfield married Mary Galligan in 1866 in USA. A descendant of Mathew Petfield, Edward W.McGovern has been active in researching the Petfield family in USA.

Henry (Harry) Petfield (born 1828), the 10th child of George and Martha Petfield was head bookkeeper at the Humber Bank Foundry also described as a Gas Manager and secretary to the Gas Company. Henry Petfield (1828) was the great grandfather of Bruce Le Gay Petfield.  Henry Petfield married Jane Lea Rudd in 1861 and named his son Henry Le Gay Petfield born 1862 after Charles Le Gay Brereton who married his sister Elizabeth Petfield. Now we have the introduction of the Le Gay Petfield family. Henry and Mary Frances Carr married 1890 and Herbert Le Gay Petfield was born in 1891.  Herbert Le Gay Petfield married Margaret Simpson in 1919 and their son Bruce Le Gay Petfield was born at 14 Southgate Ave, Ripon, England.  

14 Southgate Ave, Ripon where Bruce Le Gay Petfield was born. Photo taken 2007.
Edward (Ned) Petfield (1835 - 1875), the 13th child of George and Martha Petfield, served in the Army in the Crimean War (1854 - 1856) and in India during the Indian Mutiny (1857).  The 1851 Census show him age 16 living at home with his parents in Anlaby.
In 1861 Edward aged 26 was lodging at 16 Stubbin Street, Hull at the house of Mary Taylor and her daughter aged 28.  Annie Petfield Taylor was born on 20 May 1866.
Edward married his cousin Charles Petfield's widow Anne Petfield (nee Fenton) in 1873. Charles (1824 - 1871) was the son of Matthew and Ruth Petfield. The marriage between Edward and Anne only lasted a year because Edward died in 1875. His death certificate shows that he died in Hessle Road, Hull, at age of 40 years of apoplexy, and was described as an Engineers Clerk. Edward lived in Dairycotes before his death and family recollections ascribe to an encounter with a deranged person or a "fanatic". 
Louise (1866 - 1944), a child of Charles Petfield (1824 - 1861) and Anne Fenton, and one of Edward Petfield's step daughters, is responsible for the preservation of Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible.  This family Bible was passed on to Bruce Le Gay Petfield, who in 2007 passed it onto Glen Petfield in Australia.

Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible.

Matthew & Ruth Petfield's Family Bible passed down to Bruce Le Gay Petfield, who in 2007 passed it onto Glen Petfield.

Matthew and Ruth Petfield married 24 November 1803.  Children - Mary born 16 April 1805, William 20 August 1807, Elizabeth born 16 March 1809 died 14 August 1827 18 years, Ann born 7 November 1811, John born 3 December 1873, Jane born 25 September 1815, Maria born 12 January 1818 died 13 November 1818, George born 29 March 1820, Charles born 21 April 1824 died September 1871, Matthew born 27 June 1826 drowned 7 October 1853 27 years. Mathew died 11 November 1855. Ruth died5 December 1860.

In 2007 Peter and Joy Olney (nee Petfield) spent the day with Bruce LeGay Petfield, visiting Brantingham, South Cave, Hessle and Kirk Ella, Yorkshire where our Petfield ancestors came from more than 200 years ago.

Louisa Petfield (1866 - 1944) who preserved Matthew and Ruth Petfield's family Bible married Edward Coates. Their old Draper's shop is now a Florist at 1 Northgate, Hessle.

Louise and Edward Coates old Draper's shop 1 Northgate Hessle, next door to the Bakers.

All Saints Church at South Cave where Margaret Gibson and her children Samuel & Elizabeth are buried.

In memory of Margaret the wife of William Gibson of this place who died June 13th 1862, aged 56 years.  Also Samuel, son of the above, who died in infancy.  Also Elizabeth daughter of the above who died August 6th 1858, aged 12 years.  Her end was peace.  "Set your affections on things above, and not on things on the earth".

In loving memory of Harriett widow of the late George Petfield of South Cave was departed this life January 21st 1885 in her 79th year. "There the weary be at rest" Job 3 chap 17 verse. Harriett is buried at South Cave Cemetery.

Home of George & Harriett Petfield at 31 West End, South Cave.

George and Lydia (Pickrin) Petfield's second child John Petfield married Mary Bilton (1805 - 31 December 1877). The story is that John Petfield the Blacksmith wanted to buy the Baker's shop opposite.  The Baker won, and put the "Grinning face" on the arch of the gateway to his Bakery as a daily reminder to the Blacksmith!

The Baker's "Grinning Face" opposite John Petfield's Blacksmith business.

The Baker's "Grinning face".

John Petfield's Blacksmith business in Northgate Hessle, opposite the Baker's "Grinning Face".

John and Mary (Bilton) Petfield had 4 children - Peter Petfield (born 1833), Thomas Robinson Petfield (born 29 March 1835), Emily Petfield (born 1840), Clara Petfield (born 1842).  Below are their Headstones found in Hessle Cemetery.

Church at Hessle where John and Mary Petfield and their children are buried.

In loving memory of Mary the beloved wife of John Petfield, died December 31st 1877, aged 73 years. Also of the above named John Petfield who died February 18th 1891, aged 91 years. Also of Peter son of the above who died July 25th 1898, aged 64 years.  "Thy Will be done".

In loving memory of Emily wife of William Warley who died December 31st 1874, aged 34 years.  Also of John William their son who died in infancy.  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".  Also of Clara Jane Petfield, sister of the above who died June 23rd 1912, aged 69 years. "Thy Will be done".

I acknowledge and give credit to Bruce Petfield for his work and contributions on the U.K. Petfields, to Glen Petfield for his work on the book "The Australian Petfield Family 1888 - 1999" and to Anne Moutrie for all her family research.

These blogs have been written by Joy Olney as another way of sharing the Petfield fasmily history with those interested.  They do not cover all branches.  My interest primarily is with my direct line from William and Mary Petfield.

If you have any corrections or wish to contact the author of this blog please email Joy Olney (nee Petfield) -

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